Sir Edward Heath Face Accusation Of ‘Nick’ Of Sexual Abuse

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According to the Daily Telegraph an alleged fantasy, who flashed the faulty VIP sex abuse inquiry, has claimed that Sir Edward Heath has assaulted him on board in his yacht.

Nick, who is to discover if he will be charged and punished with changing the course of justice, claimed that the Tory Prime Minister, former sexually assaulted him aboard on his boat Morning Cloud, when the boat moored off from the south coast in the year 1970s or 1980s.

The is not the one claim against Sir Edward’s, but this is just one among the number of allegations related to years of Sir Edward’s as a racing yacht skipper thatĀ built the part of two year Operation Conifer investigation (OCI) of Wiltshire Police.

A report, which is about to get published later this week, is expected to disclose that seven complaints against Sir Edward made by different people for different reason will be serious enough for him and that will make him to be questioned under caution, in the condition that he remains alive.

It is anticipated that the allegation of Nick is not one of those and it was dismissed after investigation on it was done.

Wiltshire Police so far has examined over 40 allegations, which included claims that abuse happened when the Sir Edward was sailing around Jersey and Guernsey.

However, then that time crew members of the Morning Cloud insist that Sir Edward never sailed the yacht to the Channel Islands.

On the other hand, Nick has alleged, told the police that he recalls he was taken to the south coast, at the time when he was young and enthusiastic about sailing boat moored at a marina in Southampton.

He said that, after the boat was taken there, he was sexually assaulted by the man identified as Sir Edward Heath later.