Georgetown Team Win College Race

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College match races at national level were held in Georgetown. The races were held in the last weekend. The races were organized by the San Diego Yacht Club and were concluded on Sunday. The scene of action was the San Diego bay area.

The races were held for about three days with several college teams that took part in the races. There was a trophy to be won, that of Cornelius Shields Sr. This trophy was finally won by the Georgetown University competitors.

There were knockout rounds on the final day, which offered the teams to take up the tenth and the ninth places. There were quarterfinals held as well as semi finals, petite and the grand final, with the first prize being a week in a charter yacht in Zadar. The race committee monitored the races as per the wind condition. The final races were pulled off with the wind, maintaining speed of five or seven knots.

The semi finals saw Georgetown coming up against Dartmouth College as well as Charleston against Hobart and William Smith. The matches were lost by College of Charleston As Well As Dartmouth College. They raced in the petite finals in which Dartmouth found the mark. The finals were between Hobart and William Smith as well as Georgetown University.

The last day of the races saw the teams battling low winds. For that reason the race committee changed race format and declared that the first team that would win two points would become the winner. HWS gained second position while Georgetown was the winner for the championship overall.

In order to celebrate Coach Janel came to congratulate the team. Nevin Snow was an alumnus who also came down to congratulate the team as he has won the title two times when he had been part of the college team. He is also considered to be number two in match racing in the country at present.