Club Swan 50 In 2017

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The Club Swan 50 is a category or a one design class of boats that was introduced about a year ago.

It is one of the first three models that was introduced and delivered by the month of September last year. Till date there have been seventeen boats of this model and category that have been sold and they are expected to sail by 2017.

Juan Kouyoumdjian was the designer of the boat class and he introduced this model as the Finnish brand celebrated their 50th anniversary. That was in the early part of the year and owners from all over Russia and Europe have given credit to this new class which means that there would be more of the one design class to be seen in the future. The Club Swan 50 has received good reviews from the press when it made its debut in the Rolex Swan Cup that was held in September this year.

The class rules were accordingly penned by Chief Measurer. The class design boats would also be on display in January of the New Year. The vision behind designing this class of boats is to ensure competent water racing as well as provide a niche class for those who like to race with luxury yachts. For that reason the boats can accommodate only four professionals at one instance, which also include certain sailing restrictions.

A racing calendar has been designed for this class of boats as well for the New Year. This includes several sailing events like the Giraglia Rolex Cup as well as The Nations Trophy, which would be having its inaugural edition in the coming year. The first season of races would be in Europe, after which the circuit would move to North America in the subsequent year.