Sir Edward Heath Face Accusation Of ‘Nick’ Of Sexual Abuse

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According to the Daily Telegraph an alleged fantasy, who flashed the faulty VIP sex abuse inquiry, has claimed that Sir Edward Heath has assaulted him on board in his yacht.

Nick, who is to discover if he will be charged and punished with changing the course of justice, claimed that the Tory Prime Minister, former sexually assaulted him aboard on his boat Morning Cloud, when the boat moored off from the south coast in the year 1970s or 1980s.

The is not the one claim against Sir Edward’s, but this is just one among the number of allegations related to years of Sir Edward’s as a racing yacht skipper that built the part of two year Operation Conifer investigation (OCI) of Wiltshire Police.

A report, which is about to get published later this week, is expected to disclose that seven complaints against Sir Edward made by different people for different reason will be serious enough for him and that will make him to be questioned under caution, in the condition that he remains alive.

It is anticipated that the allegation of Nick is not one of those and it was dismissed after investigation on it was done. (more…)

Team Tilt Stuns Everyone With Podium Finish

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Sebastien Schneiter and crew members of Team Tilt did a podium finish at the second edition of the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup.

They managed to bag third place. This is a hard fought win for the team. Team Tilt was looking for a podium position for a long time and they achieved it.

The Land Rover BAR Academy was crowned as the champions of Red Bull Youth America’s Cup. The defending NZL sailing team reached second. There were eight finalists and the race format was short but intense.

On the opening day, Team Tilt tied with Team France Jeune on points and finished second. On day two the Swiss team badly wanted to improve their position, but finished fifth in the opening race. They regrouped the team for the penultimate race and adapted to the tricky conditions to finish third. (more…)

Invitations Sent For Tall Ships Regatta

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To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Candida conference, a regatta is planned to be organized.

The 2017 Tall Ships Regatta Rendez-Vous will cover 7,000 nautical miles and many national and international sailors will take part in it.

In the distance of 7,000 nautical miles, sailors will cover seven countries. The countries include France, UK, Canary Islands, and Portugal, Bermuda, Canada, and USA. In addition to the in sailors will cruise to more than 30 wonderful guest ports of Canada.

The regatta will remain open for all the sailors. Basically, this was a lifetime experience, open to everyone with an adventurous spirit; experience was not necessary here. Thousands of sailors and non sailors from different cultures and countries came here to show their stories. In total 40 fleets participated in the regatta. (more…)

World Cup Series Miami Finishes

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The World Cup Series Miami was recently held and the results were declared over the weekend. There were a total of five events that were part of this event.

On January 29th several events of this tournament came to an end such as races in categories like Laser Radial, Laser, Finn and Men’s and Women’s 470.

The results of the Men’s 470 showcased that US had excelled above teams of other countries. This particular category saw David Hughes and Stu McNay to be winners. They entered the Medal Race and brought US hope that they will win at the regatta. There were other contenders who initially made it look difficult for the US team. Teams of GRE and JPN were especially close contenders. (more…)

Club Swan 50 In 2017

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The Club Swan 50 is a category or a one design class of boats that was introduced about a year ago.

It is one of the first three models that was introduced and delivered by the month of September last year. Till date there have been seventeen boats of this model and category that have been sold and they are expected to sail by 2017.

Juan Kouyoumdjian was the designer of the boat class and he introduced this model as the Finnish brand celebrated their 50th anniversary. That was in the early part of the year and owners from all over Russia and Europe have given credit to this new class which means that there would be more of the one design class to be seen in the future. The Club Swan 50 has received good reviews from the press when it made its debut in the Rolex Swan Cup that was held in September this year. (more…)

Jeanne Socrates Created World Record

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Jeanne Socrates from Victoria is on her voyage to break the record of Minoru Saito yachtsman of Japan.

She is 74 years old and on her trip to create a new record of sailing around the world at the age of 74 solos and unassisted. If she completes her trip, then she will become the oldest person to sail around the world at this age in both male and female.

Socrates started his journey from Victoria on 19 October and when she was at the Oregon coast, just few days after her beginning, she met with a storm that damaged her boat completely and she returned to her place. It took 10 days for her to repair her boat and now again she is in the water. Socrates said “The storm was big and this is the first time I have encountered this type of storm”. (more…)

Georgetown Team Win College Race

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College match races at national level were held in Georgetown. The races were held in the last weekend. The races were organized by the San Diego Yacht Club and were concluded on Sunday. The scene of action was the San Diego bay area.

The races were held for about three days with several college teams that took part in the races. There was a trophy to be won, that of Cornelius Shields Sr. This trophy was finally won by the Georgetown University competitors. (more…)

Hannah Stodel Awarded Top Cowes Trophy

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Hannah Stodel has been honored by the Ladies Day Trophy at Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes week for her immense role as a leader in sailing. She stands out as a decent sailor into the sport where determination is the key component. She spent the last sixteen years in order to strive for an Olympic medal over three games.

The trophy recognizes the growing importance of women in the field of sailing. About forty percent of competitors in the Cowes Week are women. In 2016, almost 800 helmsmen into the regatta were female. Stodel was born without a lower right arm, but began her career in sailing campaign as a teenager by competing on equal terms. (more…)

2016 RS:X Europe

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If you look at the 2016 RS:X, the version for the Europeans and Youths which features windsurfing championships, it is a tournament that is held at Helsinki in Finland.

The Medal Races this year featured four fleets which came to a close this year. The race continued for six days. Many of those who were successful in the race would be moving to Rio Olympics that is scheduled to start within a few days. (more…)

Clipper Yacht Race – the challenging minutes of the race

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In the Henri Lloyd Hobart to Whitsundays Race, the past twenty-four hours have seen the fleet getting a bit of a clobbering from a springing up low with unstable and unpredictable terms. LMAX Exchange has dislodged after harnessing Scoring Gate and is among the front-runners that have enrolled the Ocean Sprint some 850nM from the Airlie Beach. In the process, But Da Nang – Viet Nam has lost the top spot.

Skipper Wendy Tuck stated that they have not tacked since Derwent River. She is sure that one leg is getting longer than the other. They are now more like a dog chasing its tail.

Compared to that, Peter Thornton, the Great Britain Skipper, told that they have been trucking up the coast. This has really been wet sailing so far with a good amount of spray across the decks at maximum angle. Together with gale force rain squalls, he believes that the next twenty-four hours would be interesting on the Race Viewer.

Simon Rowell, the Clipper Race Meteorologist, stated that the weather charts are really having difficulty keeping up with the rapidly altering nature of the developing low. In his newest report to captains, he told that there are various wind ways across the relatively little region of the fleet.

Race Director Justin Taylor stated that the western boats that are closest to the coast seem to be converging near Port Macquarie. The East Australian Current forecast shows it quite strong at this point. He expected those boats to suffer a bit. The offshore boats might just get a nice advantage.