Special Event Status of the WMRT Renewed

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World sailing which is the world governing body of the sport has announced that they have renewed the Special event status of World Match Racing Tour or WMRT. The announcement came after the Championship Final concluded in Marstrand in Sweden. Phil Robertson of New Zealand was crowned the world champion of the WMRT for the 2nd time.

It has been reported that the Special Event Agreement has been signed with EFB Group that took over WMRT ownership in December in the year 2018 is going to envision World Sailing actively working together with World Match Racing Tour for the promotion of the global tour which awards the WMRT championship every year.


Remembering America’s Cup Days in Newport

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America’s Cup was held in the city of Newport, RI multiple times from the years 1930 to 1983, with the 12 Meter as he chose class for nine of those occasions, from 1958 to 1983. At the point when the 12 Meter Championship of World in the city of Newport from the July 8-13, it will be a gathering of watercrafts and men.

Furthermore, they will cruise to some degree a similar America’s Cup courses plotted past in the center of the bay of Narragansett and the Reef in the Ocean Atlantic that some time in the past brought reputation to grand Newport and its encompassing waters. With the Cup’s recorded connections to Newport, it’s nothing unexpected that a considerable lot of the mariners wanting to contend at the Worlds are veterans of 12 Meter America’s Cup battles.

This Boat Is Making Strides In Sailing

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No doubt, paradise had been waiting for a new update string from the boat builders of America and the long wait is now over, WOW! At last, we have a burst and a display of new stuff with the coming of the sakura flowers of spring.

All this while, if you are one of those who were thinking about Hinckley’s status, then look no further and have a glance on this brief article. VOILA! We have the perfect mix of the intriguing concoction of the olden and regular styles into the modern quick styles and structure frames, Sou’Wester 53.

Sailing Yacht Picon Prout Catamaran Sold

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The sailing yacht Picon (23.47 meter) that was listed for sale by Jochen Brill at Northrop & Johnson, has been sold at Chamberlain Yachts by Kent Chamberlain introduces the buyer.

This was the catamaran was delivered by British yard Prout in 2013. It was designed to be easy to handle on the water and at the same time offer excellent comfort. The maiden voyage of the yacht was in July 2013 when she has been taken for sailing to the Bahamas

Sixty Year Old Crew Member Dies At Sea

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Round the world yacht race proved fatal for Simon Speirs, who died at the age of sixty while taking part in such a race in November 2017. Hailing from Bristol, he was taking part in the Clipper race. He fell into the Southern Ocean as the boat was caught in the midst of a gale of forceful winds. He was tethered to a safety line, but having got caught in the waters for 36 minutes in cold conditions was too much for his system to bear. His burial was at sea during the yacht race as a result.

He had been a crew member on the Great Britain yacht. The boat was in the sixth position when they were sailing the stretch from South Africa and Australia. The incident took place on day 18th of the third race. Speirs was no novice and was a dinghy sailor who had forty years of experience. He was helping in changing sails on the 21 meter yacht when he was washed overboard. He was clipped to a safety tether and the crew managed to get him back on board within 36 minutes.


There were three medically trained crew members who administered CPR and there was a GP on board as well. However, Simon was unable to regain unconsciousness and was declared dead after the concerted efforts were put in. Simon was wearing a life jacket and also had waterproof ocean oilskins on him at the time when he fell overboard. Speirs was buried at sea with a Christian service carried out by the skipper on board which was followed by a similar service back home by his family members. An investigation also ensued to look into the aspects that caused his death and whether the safety aspects were inadequate.

Sir Edward Heath Face Accusation Of ‘Nick’ Of Sexual Abuse

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According to the Daily Telegraph an alleged fantasy, who flashed the faulty VIP sex abuse inquiry, has claimed that Sir Edward Heath has assaulted him on board in his yacht.

Nick, who is to discover if he will be charged and punished with changing the course of justice, claimed that the Tory Prime Minister, former sexually assaulted him aboard on his boat Morning Cloud, when the boat moored off from the south coast in the year 1970s or 1980s.

The is not the one claim against Sir Edward’s, but this is just one among the number of allegations related to years of Sir Edward’s as a racing yacht skipper that built the part of two year Operation Conifer investigation (OCI) of Wiltshire Police.

A report, which is about to get published later this week, is expected to disclose that seven complaints against Sir Edward made by different people for different reason will be serious enough for him and that will make him to be questioned under caution, in the condition that he remains alive.

It is anticipated that the allegation of Nick is not one of those and it was dismissed after investigation on it was done. (more…)

Team Tilt Stuns Everyone With Podium Finish

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Sebastien Schneiter and crew members of Team Tilt did a podium finish at the second edition of the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup.

They managed to bag third place. This is a hard fought win for the team. Team Tilt was looking for a podium position for a long time and they achieved it.

The Land Rover BAR Academy was crowned as the champions of Red Bull Youth America’s Cup. The defending NZL sailing team reached second. There were eight finalists and the race format was short but intense.

On the opening day, Team Tilt tied with Team France Jeune on points and finished second. On day two the Swiss team badly wanted to improve their position, but finished fifth in the opening race. They regrouped the team for the penultimate race and adapted to the tricky conditions to finish third. (more…)

Invitations Sent For Tall Ships Regatta

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To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Candida conference, a regatta is planned to be organized.

The 2017 Tall Ships Regatta Rendez-Vous will cover 7,000 nautical miles and many national and international sailors will take part in it.

In the distance of 7,000 nautical miles, sailors will cover seven countries. The countries include France, UK, Canary Islands, and Portugal, Bermuda, Canada, and USA. In addition to the in sailors will cruise to more than 30 wonderful guest ports of Canada.

The regatta will remain open for all the sailors. Basically, this was a lifetime experience, open to everyone with an adventurous spirit; experience was not necessary here. Thousands of sailors and non sailors from different cultures and countries came here to show their stories. In total 40 fleets participated in the regatta. (more…)

World Cup Series Miami Finishes

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The World Cup Series Miami was recently held and the results were declared over the weekend. There were a total of five events that were part of this event.

On January 29th several events of this tournament came to an end such as races in categories like Laser Radial, Laser, Finn and Men’s and Women’s 470.

The results of the Men’s 470 showcased that US had excelled above teams of other countries. This particular category saw David Hughes and Stu McNay to be winners. They entered the Medal Race and brought US hope that they will win at the regatta. There were other contenders who initially made it look difficult for the US team. Teams of GRE and JPN were especially close contenders. (more…)

Club Swan 50 In 2017

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The Club Swan 50 is a category or a one design class of boats that was introduced about a year ago.

It is one of the first three models that was introduced and delivered by the month of September last year. Till date there have been seventeen boats of this model and category that have been sold and they are expected to sail by 2017.

Juan Kouyoumdjian was the designer of the boat class and he introduced this model as the Finnish brand celebrated their 50th anniversary. That was in the early part of the year and owners from all over Russia and Europe have given credit to this new class which means that there would be more of the one design class to be seen in the future. The Club Swan 50 has received good reviews from the press when it made its debut in the Rolex Swan Cup that was held in September this year. (more…)